We are preparing a site about fonts. We bought this domain for this purpose.

This site is dedicated to the most valuable and interesting material designer with whom to work miracles - font.
Proper use of fonts - the key to success. Font - this is something to work with hundreds of people over the years, this is what was created and ottesyvalos for many millennia. This is one of the most important parts in many areas, whose task is to convey any information to humans.

Typically, the font - is the foundation of any song, then, for what it is. Font - it's everywhere, everywhere. Was, is and will be. Many people do not notice it and accept it as something normal, taken for granted. It's a shame when this important elements include the people who use the font in the sphere of its activities. Illiterate / literate selected font can decorate / spoil any track beyond recognition: whether the text was published in a magazine or posted on the website.

Quite private, we are faced with many challenges, especially the Internet, where the creation of sites is often done by non-professionals:

Incorrectly chosen charset (font no visible)
Illiterate drawn font Arrangement
There are already standard for Runet typographical errors
We will try to understand all these problems and get rid of errors and nedostaktov, which we managed to avoid. At our site you can find out information about the origin of the font, the font as a whole. You can download the program for working with fonts and the fonts themselves. In the article raised a lot of info, but in the typography section contains information on how to make the text readable and literate.

What we want to create about fonts.

a large base of steady supply of fonts. All fonts archived in zip format and are available for free download. The site runs an alphabetical list of fonts, and also search fonts by name. You can add a font in our base to do this, click Add and follow these instructions.